About us

The Wiper company was established in 1999. Our offer includes a wide range of products, both external architectural elements and interior furnishing (in the form of shower bases and shower cabins). The main products of the company, however, are shower drains and point outlets, the designs of which have been developed and perfected over the years. Wiper’s shower drains and outlets are designed for the use in modern architectural solutions for shower cabins, which allows free selection of the cabin’s shape and the floor surface finish. The use of drains or outlets allows resignation from the threshold at the entrance to the cabin and improves the visual aesthetics of the room.

All drainage elements are made of high quality certified stainless steel which ensures durability, corrosion resistance and unchanging appearance in the course of usage. Wiper specifically cares about the quality of products, which is possible through modern production processes based on computer design systems. CAD designing with 3D spatial modeling and subsequent testing of prototypes are used in the preparation of products.