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Shower Screens

Verre Black

Shower Screens

Shower Screens - Verre Black

Wet room shower screens sit along the edge of the shower area and are either fixed to the wall or floor. They prevent water from getting outside the showering area. Size of the screen should be matched with the size of the shower tray.

Aqata Shower Screens providing a secure water barrier and perfect fit. Designed to bring your bathroom elegant look. Easy to install. For privacy, a modesty panel can be added using our in-house glass etching service or an increased height screen using our renowned Made 2 Measure service can completely transform your bathroom space.

Essential products for the shower screen are either wet room tray or linear drain. While wet room tray provides you with pre-made slopes and make installation fast and easy, linear drains give you flexibility to position the drain in any place you want. A product worth to consider to increase comfort may be underfloor heating kit, suitable for wet areas.

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions - Verre Black