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Shower Trays

Wiper Showerlay

The SHOWERLAY underfloor shower panels comprise an XPS board with a plastic reinforcing mesh, coated with a double coat of a dedicated cement mortar. The product includes a linear shower drain, complete with a cover, and a matching DROP35 drain trap. The essential advantages of the SHOWERLAY include: waterproofing, a slope towards the linear drain, perfect adhesion to top board layer, the top board layer strength sufficient for safe laying of even the finest mosaic tiles, and high acoustic insulation performance

Properties of SHOWERLAY prefabricated plates are:

  • one hundred percent waterproofing
  • shaped slope towards the drain channel (or point drain inlet)
  • excellent adhesion of glue to the surface layer of the plate
  • hardness of the surface layer allows to cement even very small mosaics
  • high acoustic insulation
  • plate thickness 20, 30 or 40 mm
  • after installation, the plates should be supported over the entire surface
  • other sizes and drain layouts made to order

In order to specify the order, please provide the following information:

  • 1. Thickness of the tray (20, 30 or 40 mm),
  • 2. Tray type (LINE – with a channel, POINT – with a point drain)
  • 3. Tray dimensions: X, Y,
  • 4. Drain position: X1, Y1 (If no drain position is specified, assumed for channels is
    X1 = Y1 = 150mm while for point drains – central location)

Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing - Showerlay