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Underfloor Heating


Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating - Sunfloor

The SUNFLOOR heating mat is a modern, easy to install solution to provide the primary or auxiliary heating system at your home. It is thin (4 mm), which makes it easy to install without making the flooring system thicker. The heating mat can be easily embedded in a layer of levelling screed or adhesive mortar, directly under the tiles, without raising the floor surface.

The roll width is 50 cm. Thanks to this, the mat can be easily laid out in small rooms, like bathrooms. The mesh to which the cable is attached can be freely trimmed to size and make turns, U-turns, or bypass furniture or other fitments. Do not damage the heating cable while cutting the product to size. The mesh is coated with an adhesive for much easier initial layout fitting. When finally aligned, the mat can be bonded in place with self-adhesive strips.

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions - Sunfloor