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Linear Drain


Linear Drain

Linear Drain NEW Premium Slim

PREMIUM SLIM is a series of WIPER linear shower drains, that incorporate a flange, particulary useful when a perfect seal in necessary. A textile sealing membrane is available as an optional extra for an easier installation. The product comprise of a 58 mm wide grating which is all made of stainless steel. Length can be, in fact, unlimited. The drain features a new patented SMART TRAP® stainless steel siphon with a capacity of 38 l/min and the EASY CLEAN system. The product is available in various types to meet particular needs and expectations of customers.

  • Standard lengths: 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 [mm]
  • Height: 12 [mm]
  • Width: 58 [mm]
  • Width with flange: 97 [mm]
  • Height with siphon: 70 [mm]
  • Water flow capacity: 38 [l/min]
  • Finish: polish, brush, mat

Installation Instructions

Installation Instruction - Premium Slim

Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing - Premium Slim