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Underfloor Heating

Heating Foil - Sunfloor

Heating foil is a modern heating solution that is suitable for use where heating mats with cable are difficult or impossible to apply. The basis of the system is a thin and flexible foil on which graphite strips ending in flat copper wires have been printed. The graphite strips provide resistance to the current, so they heat up, transferring heat to the floor. The heating foil is only 0.3 mm thick, yet is strong and flexible.

Heating foils are successfully used in homes as well as in hotels or offices. They are very efficient and at the same time economical. Like other types of underfloor heating, they give a pleasant much more natural warmth than radiators, cookers or air conditioning. By heating from the floor itself over the entire surface, it gives a very favourable temperature distribution in the room. Due to the reduction of convective movements of the air, it is recommended for allergy sufferers.

The heating foil is easy to install and, depending on the output and needs, can be used as an additional or main heating source. It is available both in full kits with wiring, vapour barrier film, underlay and thermostat, as well as separately.